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mobilemesh ™ – the Basics on DIY MeshBox

Our goal over the next week is to show the nmesh network being built, and explaining each part and such.

Mesh is self healing multipoint to multipoint wireless to wireless networking. Our system can support up to 4 high power cards and 4 separate frequencies to transmit ans receive on. The first system we will build is the DIY meshbox.


Old computer 300mhz -1 ghz PC aka your DIY MeshBox

  • MeshBox must have working cdrom and can boot from it.
  • MeshBox must have working ethernet port. We prefer 3coms, intel and other major brands.
  • Meshbox must have minimium of 128 mges ram and 128 mge flash/ide card installed or a small hard drive.
  • Meshbox must have wireless card installed – We use Cisco 352 cards (pci) or Lucent/ Avaya Cards/Senao (pcmcia).
  • a PCI to PCMCIA to the PC (if using PCMCIA card)
  • a micro PCMCIA to PCI card for newer cards (see approved list)
  • UPS & power cables,  ethernet cable (straight thru)

Monitor, network connection (DHCP) and keyboard needed.

Next: How to Assemble your DIY MobileMeshBox.


peer to peer mesh networking ?

after spending a decade trying to work around peer to peers, could a mesh network reroute that traffic thru certain nodes if the network itself was suited to transport that traffic? as more and more people integrated peer to peer, our goal i to expand and to learn from their dreams , not on what we think is capable. Who ever thought melting sand could create micro-chips and we could send pictures and data thru the air waves 40 years ago ?

Mesh divides?

has the world been two divided already not to agree to standardize? there lies the problem, who sets the standards?