Free VOIP not as in demand as expected?

Voipit report

Our recent survey numbers show only 49 percent out of 100 people wanting VOIP would even choose a free network to network plan. Since there is no filtering on such services yet from large carriers (only thru one I have found so far & they don’t provide VOIP at all , but numbers and rerouting ) , spam and unwanted calls is said to be the blame. Our survey contiues to show only 20 percent wanted inbound calls and only 31 percent wanted outbound calling.

Survey based on buying patterns of 100 customers.


Free toolbars that pays !

I have found this great company and wanted to share it with those in our network. Conduit has been providing free toolbars for years, and we would love to contiue to see them expand. Check out their sight. you can customize it any way you want and even make money. no adaware, and best of all folk, its free.

feel free to download our toolbar !

More on this fantastic company! Enjoy!

peer to peer mesh networking ?

after spending a decade trying to work around peer to peers, could a mesh network reroute that traffic thru certain nodes if the network itself was suited to transport that traffic? as more and more people integrated peer to peer, our goal i to expand and to learn from their dreams , not on what we think is capable. Who ever thought melting sand could create micro-chips and we could send pictures and data thru the air waves 40 years ago ?

Mesh divides?

has the world been two divided already not to agree to standardize? there lies the problem, who sets the standards?

Wireless Blog Expands to WordPress

after working to add developers to the blogs, we found to be the fastest way to interconnect since it was most widely accepted. We have been working on establishing our editorial team and will announce soon our chief editor, back after a few years offline, happy to help spread the gospel of mesh!

Wireless Worlds Mobile Mesh , that is !

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We will be importing our complete mesh project to this blog to allow others to view, the process, videos, resources and more, all from our company Wireless Worlds