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HOWTO – Establish A Hosting Solution by Ted Green

had a friend and she wanted to know how to setup her own hosting solution at work, for her email, websites and projects. She runs off a cable modem, and check and her provider does have her with 4 static IP’s.


Check domain name .

use any whois website. (link)

buy domain your name first if your serious about selling, networking or doing buiness online. This way you move, change providers, on and on, and you can move that domain to any host and your back in business.

Now setup DNS

visit zonedit.com , register. (link)

use DNS servers listed to use for DNS

when setting up your zones use the IP you have set asside as your new server.

zone edit has great instructions and even examples.

* note after your account is setup you need to login thought the secure connection only. (link)


Building your Hosting Server……

I prefer rackmount but have great deals (wholesale prices) on most gear.

I bought a cheap Dell server (link) for $150

  • dual processor (1 gig each)
  • 1gig of ram
  • raid5 embedded
  • 8 of 12 drives filled.

had to fiddle with the unit for a second. if your new to computers, a ‘whitebox’ unit with the basics specs work, and ide is much cheaper than SCSI/LVM/RAIDS and the learning curve. whitebox link

Download BlueQuartz Centos ISO (free) (iso link)

Burn to CD . I used ImgBurn. (free) (link)

Take burned CD , place in server/computer.

boot pc/server

If set to boot from cd, cd will auto start. if not go into bios and set.

follow instructions page by page setup. asks only a few question and then the cd jumps into action, wipes the unit, repartitions the drive, dumps the data and dependencies, and gets the boot setup. not much work at all except watching in amazement. ( great work I must say guys)

NOTE: make sure the hard drive your using is clean or you do not want anything off it. the system cd will wipe and install the OS.

after installed login as root or system will start asking your IP info

follow instruction and set to that IP you used in your DNS

example / subnet /gateway

use the correct gateway and subnet or your box wont show up on your network!

Goto webbrowser on another PC connected to internet

open web browser

in address type

goto bottom of page. Click start.

follow instructions, set time date, and password.

default will be admin / admin unless you change password here.

once its up ( dont start adding stuff yet) go back to console of server.

login : admin with pw admin


type admin

you should now have root access. You will not be able to login as root as default due to it being a huge security issue. admin is your main username . then you super user (su command) and gain root access.

now type ‘yum -y upgrade’

it should update some 200-800 packages and say ready when done. I reboot here.

Login via web to

first thing: CHANGE PASSWORD


To change your network settings from the command line, run
the command /root/network_settings.sh

To remove this notice, edit /root/.bashrc


have fun ! Hope this helps!