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Setting up a VOIP system – prt 2 – Load OS & Update

you have your software downloaded……..

Now boot the server/pc from the PBX cdrom. The unit will ask a couple questions like time zone, and language. simply follow along and answer. use the tab key to jump from box to box. very simple (old school) use of ansi graphics.

It will also ask you to set the password. write it down.

login once done into console:

root with your password

yum -y upgrade is always recommended to get unit to latest version of code.

when you login as root it will give you the IP your network hands out. This means you need a dhcp server somewhere on the network. all routers come with them today, so chances r u already have it. if ip is login to

register your unit next.

then click on packages, and select update on all installed.


more soon!


Setting up a VOIP system – prt 1 – prep

Setting up a VOIP system – part 1 – preparation

Asterisk PBX


I recommend learning b4 you leap into something. It makes it more fun and you actually dont shut down and walk away if it gives you problems, and learning anyhting new has issues.

get a place where you have broadband and pots ( plain ole telephone lines) line.

you need a 1 GHZ PC if your trying to get any performance, with as much ram as it can handle. I like a gig to half a gig mimimum. PC needs a working 10/100 NIC ( network interface card) either onboard or installed. Once all the parts are in place, test the box.

Second you will need a Linksys PAP. Its a ethernet to VOIP device. you can purchase them at any major store and online. make sure they are unlocked version. Many vendors have custom settings that are not removable without destroying the units warranty. I like the dual POTS unit myself.


I think this is the most overlooked area in development. test. test and test again. The more you handle the projects parts, the better and faster you become. i know somethings cant be tested, but things like PC, & PAP devices.